Designed for the highest care

Fully tiled rooms to ensure relatively clean surroundings for your child.
TV in all classrooms for screening of educational DVDs and interactive sessions.
Airy rooms with good ventilation and fans & lightings.
Only 20-25 kids per class to ensure individual attention to each child.
Walls are “paint free” to prevent allergies.
Clean drinking water facility made possible with reverse osmosis technology to ensure germ-free water to your child.
Clean toilets to ensure your child’s health.
Playschool equipped with air-conditioning units for your child’s sleeping needs.
Excellent reading material for your child’s learning and intellectual improvement. Every child will have ample opportunity to develop a love for reading and books.
Music will play a dominant part of the curriculum. All efforts will be made to encourage every child to learn any musical instrument over the course of the academic progression.

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