Joy of play; joyous minds

"Well-body" concept - Children can play outdoor games in our school park. The area features outdoor toys like slides, merry-go- round, sand pit, seesaw etc.
Healthy eyes - Adequate greenery and flowering plants are there in the campus to stimulate the growing child's vision.
"One with nature" concept - Opportunity to engage in vegetable farming and livestock. Children are encouraged to plant seeds, observe germination, care for the plants and fruits, feed poultry etc.
Swimming pool - For kindergarten and primary school. All swimming and safety accessoriesprovided. The facility is open only to MCS pupils.
Indoor arena - For roller-skating and coaching exclusively for MCS pupils.
Indoor games - Facilities for games like badminton, table tennis etc. are also provided.

In touch with nature

MCS has a wonderful campus that is suited for a truly wonderful experience of Nature. Each class will have a particular session of camping overnight for campfire, sleeping outdoors, trekking, fishing, story sessions over the bonfire, outdoor movie shows, etc.
Since almost all fruit bearing trees and crops are there in the campus, all children will be aware of the peculiar traits, growth, etc of most trees.
MCS will have a farm enclosure with poultry, livestock, and each child can participate in farm activities thus enriching the educational experience.

Travel and discovery

The school will organize tours to places of historical, artistic and educational interest.
Visit to poultry farms paddy fields, aquariums etc. would be regularly conducted as a part of the academic curriculum.

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