Little Genius

Making learning naturalLetterland system (a phonetics derived system for the teaching of the English alphabet) will be followed from playschool till UKG.Children will learn English through this system in addition to the conventional way.The school has its own textbooks for English and Mathematics.Mathematics will focus on concepts, logic etc. Here too learning through 'fun' will be key rathe than "tutoring".The curriculum will include learning of science through themes like "vegetable day", "animal week", 'colour day', etc.Each child will be encouraged to observe and learn good manners of speech, social behaviour, table manners and courtesy.The child will be given ample opportunity for public speaking and will be encouraged to "step up".Moral study will be an integral part of the culture of the school.Every child will be allowed to assimilate time-tested values from India's diverse cultures, religions, etc.Each child will be expected to learn and master one game in every academic year.Each child will be expected to learn and engage in arts, crafts, etc.The school will conduct cultural shows for children and thus provide an opportunity for them to see our traditional art forms.

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